Diamond Archery African Sable Hunt Giveaway official rules.

-1 chance given to individual if they spend $800 or over on bare bow/crossbow

-2 chances given if total ticket price is over $1500

-Purchases must be bought from July 29th through January 1st. No previous purchases will be entered.

-Individual must be present to win. Banquet will be held in January (date to be determined) Everyone who is eligible will recieve a phone call/email 2 weeks in advance of the banquet.

-The hunt is an all inclusive which includes drinks, meals, guide, tracker, and lodging. Also included is pickup and dropoff of airport.

-Air fare is not included

-Additional animals can be hunted but must pay the outfitters normal rates.

-Guests are allowed but will have to pay hunter/observer rates to the outfitter.